Experience and learn how to cook the most important dishes of a culture that has more than 1000 years of legacy from mixing many techniques and ingredients from many parts of the world. Learn how to prepare the famous pisco sour and Chilcanos.

Taste the fruits of your labor at the end of your lesson. After all the hard work you have put into your Peruvian masterpieces, sit down and enjoy the cuisine in a relaxed and friendly environment. We will  prepare dishes such as Ceviche (the famous Peruvian fish dish), Aji de Gallina (rice with chicken in a garlic sauce) or arroz con pollo, Papa a la Huancaina,  Lomo Saltado, and desserts.
We will give you the tips , secreat and will teach  you how you cook  always talking spanish with a glass of bear or wine , by giving an authentic experience of Peruvian culture and lifestyle with a peruvian family.