Ideal waves for beginners. You can start any day you want!!! Only $ 35.= USD daily (All equipment include - special surfboards).

With our surfcourses we offer a refined and elaborated concept for a comfortable and safe start into surfing. Sensefully structured learning steps that build on each other, movement corrections guarantee lots of fun and fascination right from the start.

In our school, an experienced team of instructors awaits you as well as a large selection of first class surfmaterial for all levels. Beaches like San Bartolo, Puerto Viejo, y Cerro Azul are perfect to learn surfing.
You can book the courses with or without accommodation. We recommend 2 weeks surfcourse to reach optimum training success. You can start any day you want !

The Beginners Course (6 days)

Learning objective: Standing on the surfboard. Level required: none. With systematically progressing excercises we will introduce you in the basics of surfing.
3 - 4 practical hours are completed with theorical lessons about waves, weather, currents, tides, boards and surfing history. Get the stoke of surfing from the first day on!

Price: US$ 180.00

Daily: US$ 35.00

Includes: Surfequipment, special surfboards, wetsuit, leach, wax; stretch; theorical & practical lessons, spot transfer and spanish lessons.

The Improvers course (6 days)

Learning objective: To catch and ride unbroken waves (green waves).

Level required: "The beginners course" or equivalent skills.
3-4 practical hours a day, organized in sensefull exercises and learning steps, coaching in the water,  movement corrections and hints and tricks from professionals guarantee you will ride your first unbroken wave soon.

Price: US$ 180.00

Includes: Surfequipment, special surfboards, wetsuit, leach, wax; stretch; theorical & practical lessons, spot transfer and spanish lessons.

Two weeks course (12 days)

A combination of two other courses! To be sure to get out as much as possible of your surf experience, we recommend the 2 weeks surfcourse.

Price: US$ 340.00